Posted by: Ji-L87 | March 7, 2008

I’m lost, have an oekaki

I feel like I’ve been falling a little behind on the shows I usually follow and some shows are in some kind of “I will watch this, just not now”-mode, which includes Shugo Chara!, Kimikiss and maybe also True Tears now.
What annoys me is that I never planned to stop watching, it just happened, like when I couldn’t get my hands on good raws/didn’t know which sub-group to pick and things just stay like that =/
Not to mention I know very little of the upcoming season…

So for the sake of content and more, here’s an (alright, four) oekaki(s) featuring four of the IDOLM@STER girls.

(Click to be taken to a bigger version)

…not really satisfied though. Some parts are good, some parts are less good and some are made of fail.
Also, I gave Chihaya a manly hand. 😕 (and let’s not speak of the Yayoi picture, I would re-draw if it I wasn’t such a lazybum)
Thanks to this (and the anime episode) I really really want to play IDOLM@STER now, giev pc version pretty plz??


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