Posted by: Ji-L87 | March 1, 2008

Yayoi Takatsuki (figure)


I don’t really collect figures. Because, I’ve seen what it leads to ( 😀 ) and I think that if I did, I would aim at a higher quality figures and thus creating black holes in my wallet. But as I’m not collecting, just buying because I happened to think “oh, hey! These figures are included in the sale. Cool.”, this is about as good it’s gonna get, I’m afraid OTL

As you might’ve known or not, Play-Asia had a “Year of the rat”-sale going on until yesterday and it was thanks to that reason I decided to buy.
As for the figure itself, she’s Yayoi Takatsuki from the game IDOLM@STER (and the anime, but they got their designs changed) and she’s from a trading collection so which figure you got was random. Considering that, I think of myself as quite lucky, even though the one I really wanted was Haruka.

Anyway, here are some less good photos for your viewing pleasure:

pict0083.jpg pict0081.jpg pict0085.jpg pict0087.jpg

The official shots looks better, as always /o/

I don’t consider it a bad figure, actually, I’m quite pleased but it’s a bit on the smaller side and she can’t stand on her own, and the disc for her to stand on is a tad too big and an eyesore, really.
I’m no figure expert but I can’t find anything that is off in particular when it comes to the details and actual sculpt.
So considering I gave 6.70$ for her, I guess got what i expected.

Now, problem is however, as I am still kinda pleased with her and I saw that there’s another trading set being released soon (wants the Chihaya one) with the other IDOLM@STER characters, I’m interested in that as well.
…which is bad…because….as I said, I don’t collect on figures and don’t really intend to either. Why? Simple, because if I did, I might buy more and I came to the conclusion that…no matter how pretty they are, in the end they just seem to act as an interesting part of the room for dust to cover. ;_ ;
*gawd, boring much?*



  1. I´ll have to see how I react when my first figure comes home in the end of march.

    I find most of the figures kinda bad looking when comparing to the artwork in the games. But maybe it´ll change with this.

    And the figure itself, I think she was called Jess and she´s from the new game from Gust, Mana Khemia 🙂

  2. I find most of the figures kinda bad looking when comparing to the artwork in the games.

    Yeah, not to mention that they seem to need the right lightning to look as good as they do when you window-shop them online :p

  3. But that aplies to when other show their images of the figures as well :p

    I´m no cameraman, so when I take those pictures I´ll probably mess it up and make it look even worse than what it is.

    Hopefully next week there´ll be some nice stuff comming 🙂

  4. 6.70 😮 wow… I dropped about 50$ on my Saber dust collector… I mean figurine. >_> Still, good deal for what you paid, even if you didn’t get the one you wanted. Now I’ll shut up before I make some form of corny yayoi/yaoi joke… OH SHI-! too late.

  5. lul, yayoi-joke 😛
    But yeah, I really think “normal” figurines (meaning the bigger ones, not trading collections) are a little too expensive, even if some of them have the most amazing sculpts & poses.

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