Posted by: Ji-L87 | March 1, 2008

Among delinquents and hard-rockers


Sakigake!! Cromartie High School and Kachou Ouji (also known as Black Heaven) are two animes that from the moment I saw them, was nagging in my head, pleading to be watched. And now, I’ve finally taken the time.
So, how did it fare? Were they as interesting as they seemed to be at first glance?

Sakigake!! Cromartie High School

vlcsnap-298179.jpg vlcsnap-298054.jpg vlcsnap-298450.jpg vlcsnap-298661.jpg vlcsnap-299337.jpg

Well, first things first and I think Cromartie High School should be first out since I’ve been thinking about this one the longest.
A few years ago when my computer were on the fritz and was being repaired I used my dad’s computer and felt an ever longing for anime. At that time, I discovered ADV films anime section and the commercials and stuff there was enough (but dubs, meh 😦 ) for me until my computer came back. One of the anime I saw there was Cromartie and I thought it looked interesting but never I catched it later.

I guess I forgot about it then, but now I’ve finally seen it. 🙂

My first impression was that I didn’t think it would be so short, as each episode only spans over about 11-12 minutes, however, it would seem that it is just the perfect length for this show. As far as visuals go, they’re fine if you don’t think too much about it. Animation is decent most of the time but not really more than that I guess, but on the other hand, I don’t remember seeing a single frame that was truly ugly either…

As you can see from the screencaps, this anime focuses on delinquents, but not on any delinquents, but the delinquents from Cromartie High school, which is rumored to be the most bad-ass of them all. …and it is….in more ways than intended…

The strongest point here is the voice acting, I thought it just felt perfect all the way through and really helps this anime gain some points from me. Also, this show had a little bonus for me: Me, that not very long ago finally finished watching Azumanga Daioh (I’m late, I know it and I have no excuses), was overjoyed to find out that the tin-can-like robot Mechazawa, was voiced by “Otou-san”. That voice is truly something, ohyes. XD

My thoughts summarized: Interesting, sometimes funny but mostly “just interesting”. I sit there with a smile on my face but there was only a few times when I really laughed. Maybe I’m boring? That being said, it’s not a boring anime and even though I wasn’t laughing all the time I still had a good time. The episode length is perfect for short breaks when doing something else like homework and I think that it’s the voice acting that really saves this anime and makes it worthwhile.

Kachou Ouji~Hard rock save the space

vlcsnap-302832.jpg vlcsnap-302910.jpg vlcsnap-307938.jpg vlcsnap-306330.jpg vlcsnap-306500.jpg vlcsnap-306592.jpg vlcsnap-308808.jpg vlcsnap-308508.jpg vlcsnap-309115.jpg vlcsnap-309228.jpgvlcsnap-308831.jpg

We was shown a little bit of the first episode of this in that anime/manga class I’ve mentioned earlier, during a lession about anime directed to different target audiences; in this case the salary man.

The story is about a section manager named Oji Tanaka, that lives a pretty boring life. It didn’t always used to be that way, as he once was known as “Gabriel Tanaka” from the rock band Black Heaven during his earlier days. But now he’s older, married and a dad. However, unknown to him or us, there’s a battle against an unknown enemy going on in space and it seems only the sound of Oji’s guitar can activate the ultimate weapon.
….That’s not a half bad story in my book and it looks good on the paper but sadly, after watching this, I think there’s some plotholes in here as I felt “wait! What are those doing there?/how did that happen?” at least on two occasions.

I often thought the episodes were a bit so-so directed and sometimes it felt like the target audience was being swapped but…I’m not sure.

Visually, I only got one complain and that is that the space battles really are the most uninteresting thing in the whole show.
Animations and scenes are often reused and everything feels kinda static. I do like the drawing style however.

I don’t really have any opinions on the soundtrack other than it did it’s job. BUT! I’m sure Black Heaven as a group must’ve had more than that one song they play all the time?! o_o I was getting really tired of that one.

My thoughts summarized: Interesting concept with a less interesting execution. I wouldn’t go as far as saying it’s downright mediocre as it still has some interesting points, but it doesn’t really perform that well overall in my eyes. Marathoning it is probably a good idéa for getting the most out of it.

Well then, that’s that! Now to dig up some more older anime to enjoy ( :


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