Posted by: Ji-L87 | February 24, 2008

New ToHeart 2 OVA in the works


I saw on Aquaplus’s homepage that another ToHeart 2 OVA series is on the way,
seems it’s called ToHeart 2 ad and I don’t think I’m hitting it too far by guess that the “ad” might be “another days”, as the game is getting closer to it’s release day. However, I saw something that they called “another disc” in there too, but I don’t think that’s the name, rather a special bundle including the first episode of the OVA and some sort of radio drama or something.

Anyway, the official ToHeart 2 ad homepage doesn’t have much yet, some sections are still under construction, however, you can watch the intro….streamed 😕

Go here and then click either the 1st (narrow band) or 2nd (broadband) button in the 2nd row to watch the intro.
I quite liked it and animation quality seems fine. I also think that the song fits very well and gives of a very TH-is feel (I guess that’s Suara again? Sure sounds like her) so I’ll be looking forward to this 🙂

Almighty (lowres) screencap flood of moelicious bishoujo:

vlcsnap-216596.jpg vlcsnap-216700.jpg vlcsnap-216775.jpg vlcsnap-216804.jpg vlcsnap-216821.jpg vlcsnap-216865.jpg vlcsnap-216882.jpg vlcsnap-216904.jpg vlcsnap-216934.jpg vlcsnap-216976.jpg vlcsnap-217033.jpg vlcsnap-217051.jpg vlcsnap-217063.jpg vlcsnap-217077.jpg vlcsnap-217091.jpg vlcsnap-217123.jpg vlcsnap-217136.jpg vlcsnap-217177.jpgvlcsnap-217203.jpg vlcsnap-217230.jpg vlcsnap-217251.jpg vlcsnap-217286.jpg vlcsnap-217265.jpgvlcsnap-217313.jpg vlcsnap-218080.jpg vlcsnap-218103.jpg vlcsnap-218128.jpg vlcsnap-218159.jpg vlcsnap-218177.jpg vlcsnap-218209.jpg

Yes…I’m happy…because after all, I totally love these kind of shows


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