Posted by: Ji-L87 | February 20, 2008

Well known otaku digest now available in english

…or rather, in engrish? o.o
Oh well, if I did translate something from swedish/english to japanese, the result would probably look a lot worse… OTL


Anyway old news might be old but whatever, what I’m talking about is that the japanese blog of all things otaku that happens in Akihabara, アキバBlog (Akiba blog) now also is available in english.
Needless to say, those links are NSFW. Also hilarious. 😀
I quote bits here and there from this post about a Tama-nee cosplayer:

Tama-sister is a character who is a year older than its hero, and she is a character of ” oh, my god!” as well as being inserted from the back.
She is a MAN

Granted, news wise it doesn’t feature everything its japanese counterpart does but it still seems to be pretty up to date.
…so, if you ever wanted to know what happens in Akiba but has problems understanding the japanese blog, things should’ve gotten a bit easier 🙂 Or at least more amusing. Or both.

And on a similar note, it seems that ToHeart 2 Another Days is going to be released soon. My feelings is mixed because it is very unlikely that I will end up playing it any time soon (or at all) considering I’ve started playing Comic Party again instead of Fortune Arterial, not to mention I never did finish the original ToHeart 2 in the first place.
HOWEVER! I will most likely be gettin the cg set, as there is no such thing as too much Tama-nee ~<3


Or Yuma, for that matter =w=



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