Posted by: Ji-L87 | February 15, 2008

Short about CLANNAD 18 ;_;


I’m not sure about my feelings for this episode. Some of them are complicated. Some of them are easier to express.
Let’s take a look at some of the easier ones:





vlcsnap-200764.jpg <3<3

vlcsnap-206656.jpg vlcsnap-207339.jpg

vlcsnap-201338.jpg vlcsnap-206398.jpg vlcsnap-202007.jpg .__.

vlcsnap-202407.jpg ;__ ;

Tomoya passes up the Kyuo+Ryou & Tomoyo smorgasboard. ❗

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later but…it’s…it’s too soon D’=
Otherwise, the episode’s first half was pretty good in my eyes, complete with an epic “chow-down”.

vlcsnap-15589.jpg vlcsnap-15892.jpg

Though, Ryou’s chances seemed to come to an end with the love-fortune arcade machine, just before the epic chow-down and maybe that can be seen as the warning light for what was about to happen in the other half.

Hm…still, episode 18, are we going to have Tomoya x Nagisa until the end now? D:
….Kyou~~~~~! ;_;
*wipes manly tears*



  1. The part that really got to me was Ryou telling Kyou “I´m sorry onee-chan” ;_;

    Man that is hard, both wanted him, none got him. I do feel that Nagisa sofar is the best partner for Okazaki, but out of the females I´m all Kyou.

    But with this I wonder where they´ll take the show next.

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