Posted by: Ji-L87 | February 13, 2008

Moe check: younger Beni


I think I might need to explain this before I say anything else.
With a blog name like 燃えfor萌え?, I thought that I should, except for the normal stuff, sometimes write short posts with a simple statement that something is moe and showing some pictures, maybe a short description/explanation and leaving it like that, and letting others agree or table-flippingly disagree.

Well, just see it like another way of hopefully getting me to actually write something every now and then. Hopefully is the keyword, as usual. OTL
Anyway, half of the intarnets has already done a thorough study of Kyou’s thighs, which I by the way think is a sure sign that there still might be hope for the world, but I will at least bring up Beni (Benis/Venis? What is it really anyways?) from her flashback in episode 5 of Kimi ga Aruji de, Shitsuji ga Ore de.

Moe check:

vlcsnap-2205.jpg vlcsnap-2234.jpg vlcsnap-2343.jpg vlcsnap-2587.jpg

I’m fairly sure it’s the tattoo on her left arm that adds that extra to her design in my book. While I do like her hair/eye-color, her tattoo is usually covered by her meido-fuku in her older form.
While I usually like meido very much, I think I prefer her in a tank-top, or other clothing that reveals her arms.
Or…maybe something similar to what Natose wears, which may bring out a roughness that I think might be more fitting for her than what the meido-fuku allows.

Discuss! …or just say moeeeee or something ( :



  1. well, something then 🙂

    Benisu is a good catch yes. Not really my type, or wait now, she´s tsundere, so yes she really is my type 🙂 Damn you loss of sleep!!

    Makes me think wrong and write even worse.

  2. Aha! 😀 My friend, good thing you got a hold of your train of thought as you were about to say no the deliciousness that is tsundere meido ;D

  3. Not so much meido as her attitude that is great 🙂

    for a real killer, give her some nekomimi and then we´ll really talk.

    Saw some real Usamimi(rabbitears if I have missunderstood something in how to create the mimi-mode) yesterday and hm, looked really really nice if I may say so.

    I blame my extensive watching of anime for ruining my taste, equip a girl with animal ears and give her a school uniform and I´m hers…
    in both good and bad. Only one thing there, no 600 pound girls though.

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