Posted by: Ji-L87 | February 1, 2008

Moe bonanza: CLANNAD


You know, I was on my way writing something different, something, maybe unusually deep today but…I felt that it sucked. Aaand…that’s not the best feeling to have when writing something, kinda kills the mood, right?

So! I still want to post something, still want to prove I can be active…well..kinda…so, what should I do?
How about this? A pure, moe-themed post that doesn’t serve any purpose except for wasting space now that we users got our 50megs accounts upgraded to 3 gigs! How’s that sound? No good? Too bad, cuz I ain’t listening now! 😀

Err, so anyway, there’s only one thing to do in this post and that is to oogle the fine, fine ladies of CLANNAD and, you know, maybe the occasional “moeeeee~!”

…The KyoAni version, mind you. …because that other one looks like…well…uh…I know that I don’t have a stick long enough to touch it with anyways! D:

These are slightly resized and by “slightly”, I mean drastically shrunken down to a size that’s more reasonable than what they come in from moe.imouto. : )

konomi1_resized.jpg kyou_ryou1_resized.jpg clannad_gang1_resized.jpg clannad_gang2_resized.jpg clannad_gang3_resized.jpg clannad_gang4_resized.jpg clannad_gang5_resized.jpg kyou_ryou2_resized.jpg clannad_gang6_resized.jpg clannad_gang7_resized.jpg clannad_gang8_resized.jpg clannad_gang9_resized.jpg clannad_gang10_resized.jpg

And, after all that, there’s really only one way to end a post like this:


Now excuse me while I go stuff some paper into my nose…. >.>



  1. 3gig for free?
    Totally free?

    Hm, I should get one to keep as a storage room then. Where I can upload all mp3s and such that eat away on my precious storage room :p

    Got the last one in a bigger format?

    And wierd, I´m exposed to moeness every day, I don´t need any tissues in my nose or anywhere else :p

  2. It’s only 3 gigs worth of space for image files.
    You still need to buy an upgrade in order to upload other files such as mp3s : /

    And no, sadly, that’s the biggest I’ve got…

  3. I just found that out. But still, that could work out nicely. Have to think this trough really good.

    Nice images by the way. And I don´t care if they are from the game or KyoAnis anime version. I enjoy them both 🙂

  4. Well, with “that other one” I meant the Toei movie version 🙂

  5. Movie version?
    What´s this? Something I haven´t heard of at all!!

    Any good site with info for it? Cause this I need to read about.

  6. Uhm….official homepage? ( :

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