Posted by: Ji-L87 | January 26, 2008

Thoughts about AIKa


I recently re-watched the old Agent AIKa OVA (from 1998 or something), a show which you either like or dislike, and once again I was enjoying myself greatly but….why? Yes, why do I find the AIKa series to be so amusing and why does people hate it so much then?

I think, at heart, the answer is pretty simple: It’s the ultimate boy dream. We’ve got girls, comedy, weapons, vehicles and action, all presented in a visual style I’m fond of accompanied by a good soundtrack. It’s like asking why someone like Bond-movies….it’s almost the same at the core.
However, to enjoy AIKa, you’ll have to ignore/oversee the well-known fact that it is indeed pantsu-heaven. I think it’s here the series splits the audience in two. I suppose the often unnecessary fanservice can scare most viewers away or get annoyed by its constant presence. At the same time, if you can accept that, you’ll find yourself giggling to how hard they try to show some white cloth whenever they can. Needless to say, this is a perfect show to watch in company of a few more guys; I’m pretty sure it’ll be hard not to laugh a little over the pantsu-flashing efforts.

Pantsu-fetishism aside, I often find that they manage to convey the “right mood”, often with help of the jazzy soundtrack. I think it’s safe to say that it’s not a low-budget series, as the animation is consistent throughout, but…it is an OVA after all so I should expect that much 🙂

When it comes to characters and character design, they manage to land another sucker punch where it hurts the most. To literary create a whole army of fine ladies must be a sure way to capture a male audience. What I like about this is that is that the crew actually is more variated than one might except, and the yuri-hinting doesn’t make things worse either 😀

But! you say, this is so made for guys to watch, but can a girl watch it too?
I think the answer is yes, but it probably takes more from the person to ignore the fanservice.
But it might still might be enjoyable, because if you think about it, the show is full of strong women, and it’s actually the guys that often appear weaker sometimes.

But, this is just my thoughts, what are your thoughts of the AIKa-series (also including R-16)?
Do you feel, like me, that there’s a charm in there somewhere or do you disagree?



  1. Since girls like to play visual novels they can also enjoy Aika :p

    I don´t know what version that I watched, but somehow I stopped, don´t know why. Back then fanservice didn´t bother me at all.

    And above all, everything has it´s own charm, somewhere atleast, espacially in anime.

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