Posted by: Ji-L87 | January 15, 2008

You’re Under Arrest OVA Soundtrack GET!


Yup, this is what I ordered instead when I couldn’t get my hands on the TECH GIAN Fortune Arterial special 😀
(Crappy photos and a torrent after the jump)

I bought it through and they handled it very quickly….but…it does take some time for surface mail to reach Sweden…OTL

Anyway, this is an english release and the CD contains all the 53 bgm tracks from OVA as well as the OP and ED making it 55 tracks all in all. Since it’s an english release, all the text inside the booklet is also in english and so is the song lyrics, the songs themselves are still in Japanese however 🙂

I kinda like this soundtrack, it has a nice feel and some good melodies which I feel are lacking sometimes in newer soundtracks.
There are some tracks which are variations or alternative versions of each other but I can live with that.

Since I haven’t seen a good version of this soundtrack when I looked on torrent sites, I did one myself.
Go look here for more details! : )


  1. I’ll grab that, thanks for the.tor I remember watching a bit of the original series. Can’t recall whether or not I liked it though. Kind of cool that they translated the booklet. I’m a bit curious, who’d you order it through?

  2. I’m blind and somehow missed the amazon bit when I read that. -_-;

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