Posted by: Ji-L87 | January 7, 2008

Winter 08 (part 1?)


I must admit, I have no real grip on the new shows that are going to air/started airing this season, hence the “part 1?” in the title.
From previews and stuff I’ve seen so far though, the selection this time around seems unusually dull with only a few series that interest me in some way.
…which maybe is good since maybe I can dig through the stuff that I’ve put aside or dig up something good from the older days 🙂
Oh and sorry for the lack of good screencaps, VLC didn’t want to play two out of three files properly. And it’s even updated this time?! D:

True Tears

First off, the opening is very nice. Good animation and the song itself, Reflectia by eufonius is also very good, it really fits. The rest of the first episode was also of pretty high production quality but the 3D that was used sometimes did strike me as a little odd. However, I’m not sure how long I’m going to follow this. I’m not really a fan of drama and usually stay clear if I can…
Though, one particular girl caught my interest so I need at least to see more of her before I move on 😀

There is also another thing that kind of bothers with this anime;
How did This turn into THIS?! o.O

Minami-ke Okawari

Hm…I know alot of other bloggers have expressed their overall happyness with Okawari but most of my first impressions were rather bland and a longing for the old one lasted throughout the episode, even if the onsen-part was hilarious!
This might have to do with me being bad at getting used to new things replacing things I like but I’m happy at least that this style change is not worse than what they did to YUA: FT =A=
More over, the new OP song, while not bad at all, seems…unfitting 😕 (It also makes me think of the YUA:FT OP, Mighty Buddy)
And…for what reason did they need to replace their phone? o.o’ …and also…has their kitchen grown bigger? I have no memory of that part with the table set…
At least the humor and the gender-bending antics remained 😀

Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de

Based on an eroge by Minatosoft, it features onee-samas, ojou-samas, meido, and of course, butlers. Also Yaranaika jokes. 🙂
(needles to say, the link is nsfw)

I have not played the actual game, only stumbled over the site itself sometime not too long ago before I heard it was going to become an anime, so I cannot say how much it stays true to it’s origin but I actually enjoyed this episode much more than I thought I would, making it into the top so far!
The OP song 跪くまで5秒だけ (I tried to make sense out of that but I only get it to “Only 5 seconds until kneeling” 😕 ) practically breathes eroge/visual novel, and whether that’s good or bad is up to you. The drawing style doesn’t really impress me or anything but at least its faithful to the one in the game.

Now to go back to writing something that’s probably much more important =A=


  1. Macross Frontier if you like Mecha.
    h20, Heard it was good.
    Hopefully Wolf & Spice will be something to watch.

    But yeah, most stuff this season seems to be a little boring. I don´t have anything against drama and such, but not only drama, I need something more.

  2. Wow, I don’t think I can watch Minami-ke ~Okawari~ cos of the different art, but I’m still willing to give it a go since I just adored the first season.

    H20, well, I can’t say I’m exactly excited about that one but the main protagonist being blind is a brilliant idea. I actually like True Tears the way it is, especially Noe cos she’s my favourite XD

  3. @ Manga: I dunno, does the Macross-series have any connection with each other besides their name? Cuz I only have seen the move from the 80’s 😕
    ….I only hope that those weird aliens aren’t back…

    @ blissmo: Noe, Aiko…both are fine 🙂 Hiromi is boring as of yet though, at least when she’s at home.

  4. lol, nah, I dun like Hiromi at all

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