Posted by: Ji-L87 | December 31, 2007

Search terms for 2007


Year 2008 is closing in, with about 7 hours left (GMT+1) as I’m typing this.
While this blog was created at the later part of the year, on the 6th October to be more precise, it still has gathered quite a few, more or less, weird searches. So without further complications, here’s the TOP TEN in no particular order SEARCHES for 2007

*clap clap*

  • shugo chara hentai – While not very surprising, it actually did pop up quite often. I don’t think the person who searched for this found what he/she wanted here though 🙂
  • I don;t know anime – …and you won’t learn much from here either, I’m afraid D:
  • shugo chara dress up – Uuh yeah…
  • with a succubus – Oh, I love succubuses too~! /o/ *brick’d*
  • anime sister and brother – I can’t help but wonder if this was the good kind or that other kind…>.>
  • anime forced male – Uh huuuh…
  • my big brother doujin – ANIKI! GATTAI DA!!! *brick’d*
  • Akibakko Category loli – …and how exactly that led here, I too want to know 😕
  • pretty anime girls with blue eyes – That’s one of my favorites too! 😀
  • two Manga friends – Wait, why just two?

Runner ups:
mako transformation, panty shots, a guy and girl anime, anime loli, email Makoto Uchida, haremette, Where to get Shugo Chara hentai, animated girl pictures, 4chan moe

If we just look at normal search terms, Shugo Chara! and AIKa-related ones were probably the most popular ones…
And considering that I’ve not blogged about Shugo Chara! in about forever and only have one post with the AIKa-tag, I guess you guys got a little bit disappointed…

Anyways, a little early but, Happy New Year! 😀



  1. How do you find this kind of thing out?
    This is something I kind of want to see for my own site, is it a plugin or how do you do this?

  2. I get my own weird search term results as well. Some of the terms that pop up creep me out. @_@

    Happy New Year! It’s already 2:49AM over here, and all the wine I’ve taken are finally ganging up on me.

  3. @manga: Hm…I can see things like that easily from my wordpress dashboard, but I get the feeling that the dashboard maybe only is for those who has their blog ? 😕

  4. on what page? Since a friend of mine writes the same stuff and she doesn´t have her blog @ so…

    Don´t think that´s it.

  5. Two words: Freaking Awesome. I’m kinda lucky (or maybe unlucky) that I don’t get that kind search terms. At least people are constantly stubling onto your site, good or bad.

    Happy New Year!

  6. I had to install a plugin to get these stats for my own blog. So you were right all along. it´s something that comes with the “” option instead of like me just installing it myself :p

    So for me to access these stats I have to log on with my account :p which is freaky in one way. Why should I have to use two logons to watch the stats for my page? Weird…

  7. Hm….but can’t you get a normal, free counter (like Statcounter or something) and then just put that in the page code? Well, at least it “works” now : )

  8. Hm, that could work as well. The stupid part is that now I will probably forget to log of before writing a comment…

    So there will probably be more “otoboku” that writes comments…

    Man I hate it being this complicated. I have to lurk more at the site to find a solution to this…

  9. What’s sad is those just amuse me. -_-;

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