Posted by: Ji-L87 | December 29, 2007

Fortune Arterial trial 2nd impressions

Now that I’ve finally taken me through the demo, it feels like I can give a better opinion than just praising the visuals and music 😛


Well, first of all, the demo is way longer than I expected it to be. I don’t actually remember how many days in the game you get to play but it was quite a lot.
It’s from day three things start to get interesting, as you meet up with the rest of the characters, Including Shiro Togi; DEATH’D BY MOE. OTL

It also gets pretty humorous there for a while, much thanks to the antics of Erika Sendo’s big brother, Iori.
While not spoiling much, I can clearly say that what happens on the third day (or maybe soon after) is one of the highlights of the demo! 😀


Anyways, I praised the music in my last post, and I still think most of the BGM tracks are nice, some of them very nice, but the one that’s played in the Student council building gets tiresome pretty fast : /
And while I’m nitpicking on things, I might as well add that I think the “highlight” around the characters stands out a little too much sometimes…

But that’s just nitpicking, however, there IS one larger problem with the demo, that I hope they will fix in the full version;
The game uses particles and stuff for effects now and then, mist and fire for example. During these scenes, the games starts hogging about 90% of my processor power…and I don’t think this computer is that slow. It also makes little difference if I run the game through AppLocale or not. However, it’s just during these scenes, otherwise the game doesn’t hog that much power at all…

The flame looks cool but it sucks the power out of your computer like a vampire *wink* 😉

Otherwise it was a continued good experience with some kind of commercial/opening movie stuck to the end. I quite liked the song played in that one.

For those who doesn’t already have a rooted interest for this kind of games, this one probably won’t change your way of thinking, since it more or less feels like Yoakena with some more work put behind it. But if you already play this kind of game I recommend checking it out, it’s an enjoyable experience. 🙂

Some more screens:



  1. Got any good ideas on how to learn japanese fast and easy?

    If you do, please tell me and I´ll do that so I can play all these great games.

    A quick question, have you played Muv Luv Alternative? A friend of mine really enjoyed it.

    For my own visual novels, I have to spend time with the translated ones… which seems to lower the quality a lot. Sofar the only intresting ones have been Kana and Private Nurse.
    Chain is also quite nice, but the system of how to play irritates me since I have to “look” and “talk” with people a lot of times to get any progression…

  2. Hm…not really…Basic knowledge (hiragana + katakana + basic grammar) is not that hard, but once you start moving up the difficulty ladder it gets harder pretty fast. My only tip would maybe be to start learning kanji as early as possible…

    And no, I have not played Muv Luv/Muv Luv Alternative but I’ve had the CG sets 😛

    And lastly, the only translated visual novels I’ve played was demos of Hani Hani Sanctuary (older game by August Soft, same as this and Yoakena) and Majipuri~Wonder Cradle~ by Purple Software.
    Last one was quite fun, but I never managed to get ahold of the full version : /

  3. Ah, yes, Fortune Arterial. I’m looking forward to this one as well.

    Have you tried out Kamipani’s demo yet? You should, it’s quite entertaining! Too bad it’s quite short. 😦

  4. Ah no, I haven’t but I’ll check it out : )
    I’ve only seen some scans on some artwork from it on moe.imouto

    Well, if it’s short, at least it hogs less space. These kind of games are not easy on the HDD after all OTL

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