Posted by: Ji-L87 | December 28, 2007

Fortune Arterial trial is out

I’m a little late on this but it seems a trial version has been out since tuesday (18th) last week.


I haven’t played for a very long time but my impressions are as follow:

  • It might be a bit harder to understand than Yoakena. I was at a bit of a loss in the beginning. Some kanji I didn’t know (and didn’t bother to look up) got the better of me
  • The characters different poses seems more variated. Well, at least some of them does, and they also seem to have more expressions. Also, those uniforms looks very very good =w=b
  • The music so far has been very enjoyable : )
  • The backgrounds are very nicely done.
  • The interface is pretty good also. Reminds me very much of Yoakena however.

I found some “leftovers” from Yoakena though ^^’

Compare the sky to the left (Yoakena) to the one featured in the introduction train ride to the right (FA).
Seems familiar?
Fortune Arterial also does feature the “Another view” thing, and the same texture as in Yoakena is used on the splash image. Ah well, I can live with that : )

As I said, I haven’t gotten very far yet (just started on the 3rd day) but I’ve been enjoying it so far 😀
I kinda look forward to the full game but at the same time I know I would most likely not finish it if I were to acquire somehow ^^’

Oh well, here’s some screens anyway:

Oh and, don’t forget that Comic Market 73 starts tomorrow! 😀
Also, apparently, YesAsia wasn’t able to get a copy of that Fortune Arterial TECH GIAN Special so my order was canceled : /
Ah well, I’ve put some part of that money on something else instead


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