Posted by: Ji-L87 | December 26, 2007

A friend brought me some delicous loot

(sorta NSFW)
I met up with a friend today that has been to Japan for studies and received some goods:


Seeing as he was about to voyage to the land of rising Otak- I mean sun, I gave him a little list of things to keep an eye out for. Of course, I wanted things that maybe always wasn’t so easy to find, especially as he lived outside of Tokyo instead of inside it.
He didn’t, however, return empty handed and the delicious loot consists of:
* December issue of Megami
* A November issue of Weekly Famitsu (I got that right?)
* 1st volume of the Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu manga

Now, that ain’t bad if you ask me : ) Can’t say I paid very much for it either, so a big thanks to you, Håkan! /o/

I’ve not read that far into the Haruhi manga yet (I will try to get trough it!) but the art’s sadly not nearly as good as the anime or novel illustrations. :/ Makes for perfect reading practice however! 😀

The Weekly Famitsu contains pretty much info about TGS 2007, Halo 3, GTA: Vice City Stories, PSP’s and accessories, Monster Hunter Portable 2 and more!

However, the real treat here is probably the Megami.
Aside from the Tribute to Lyrical NANOHA commemoration BOOK, it also comes with quite many posters (thanks to them having 2 sides) including ones for Lucky*Star, Nanoha StrikerS, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Sky Girls, You’re Under Arrest! and some more!

As for content inside, aside from posters, there is a smaller StrikerS and Galaxy Angel Rune manga, a Moetan picture story, coverage on some of the anime from this season and also a corner about coming visual novels including Fortune Arterial, a new Zero no Tsukaima game for the PS2, a game named 暁のアムネカと蒼い巨心 (Akatsuki no Amuneka to Aoi Kyoshin) …and…I’m not sure how to translate that but it’s illustrated by co2a (Komatsu E-ji) and that alone makes me happy 😀

There’s more, of course, and I really need to sit down and try to take me trough it sometime =A=
Actually, since this is my first Megami, I was suprised by the amount of posters o_o;
….now I just need to get them out of the magazine without hurting them….easier said than done… orz

(and what’s up with WordPress? It’s adding italic-tags to a large part of the text all the time o.O)



  1. I want to experience a Megami Magazine too…but there’s no {easy} way for me to get my hands on one…-_-‘

    It would be better if the Posters didn’t really show those folded areas though…I wonder if I can take one of those Hi-Res scans from Moe.Imouto to a store and make them into a poster…

  2. Yeah, I thought about that too. The best posters are those that come as a roll, since they have no folds 😡

    And about making a poster from moe.imouto scans, I think that’s possible but not at home, but maybe if you went to a printing company or something…

  3. Yeah, that’s what I was thinking on doing!!

  4. Ah…I missed the “to a store” part >.<‘

  5. Megami 92 was a nice issue for the tribute booklet, but I’m looking forward to some of the stuff in 93 more actually. As much as I love Nanoha, I’m glad that it’s not dominating all the space in the issues anymore and giving room to stuff like Bamboo Blade.

    @53RG10: There are a few online stores that sell Megami that aren’t the major ones (HLJ, CDJapan, etc), but if you wait a week or too a number of US-based online stores sell them for half the price of importing them.

  6. @deftoned: Yeah, 93 seems interesting as well 😀
    Especially that Kagamin x Konata one =w=b

    And as much as I like that Bamboo Blade-poster, I’d prefer one with less fanservice if it’s ever going to hang on my wall, ktxh 😡

  7. I´d love to get my hands on megami. But that would require me to import it, and at this moment I don´t really want to get caught up in that as well…

    Once I start I think I´d continue and that is both good and bad… to much games that I want at this moment. Which kinda strangles my funds for other stuff.

    But yeah, really really want to get my hands on Megami. Espacially the one with Konata and Kagami that was present in the newest one.

  8. Oh shax a galaxist blade poster.

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