Posted by: Ji-L87 | December 25, 2007

Thoughts about Sketchbook~full colors~


I’m not good at making my thoughts go from head to keyboard, as they seem to be pretty temporary and quickly goes away, but one thing I can say for sure; Sketchbook~full colors~ is a slow but very good and all around smile-inducing show.

I was actually considering dropping this, or at least putting it on hold, for reasons I can’t remember (probably thought it was a bit too slow) but once you fall into the shows pace, its like it’s impossible to dislike it.
If you’re willing to slow down, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the cozy feeling that the show radiates, which is created by a nice, simple drawing style (with some nice touches on the background colors some times), interesting characters and a good soundtrack.

Speaking of characters, Sora often gives me that fuzzy feeling….just so cute. That innocent cute….you know, the one that’s different from that other innocent cute….¬.¬ Yes, that one.

vlcsnap-2917623.jpg vlcsnap-2918048.jpg

This show really relaxes you, even amuses you sometimes but most importantly, you smile. You’re having a good time. I can’t beg for anything more in my anime. 🙂
So, even if it was in the filename of the raw, I wasn’t aware that I was watching the final episode…when it became clear, I felt the urge for moar and some manly tears from eyes! That’s always a good sign.
While I might be attracted to the fact that the cast of Sketchbook~full colors~ is, in some way or the other, affiliated with the art-club (since I enjoy to draw as well) it does not change that this indeed is a very fine piece of feel-good anime that will, indeed, make you feel good if you have the patience for it. 😀


So, I think that sums up my thoughts pretty well, yes! /o/



  1. I completely suck at transferring my thoughts to the keyboard also, but I try anyways!! ^_^

    And I agree that Sketchbook is rather slow, but entertaining, and definitely gives you the feel-good feeling that not many anime can give!

  2. I usually start of with a clear image of what I want to write, but then as time progresses when I´m writting I´m drifting further and further away and at the end it´s just random babbling…

    In regard to Sketchbook, is it anything like Hidamari Sketch? If it is then I have to watch it.

  3. Hm…was quite a while since I saw Hidamari Sketch (never finished it, I MUST ;^;) so…not very sure but, I get the feeling that Hidamari Sketch is more energic (even the OP song of Sketchbook is slow). Hidamari is probably also more “crazy” (thinking of Yuno’s fever dream) but I still recommend it anyhow 😀

  4. @manga: The best way I can describe it is as a Hidamari Sketch and ARIA hybrid…it has it’s funny moments, it’s about art, and it’s a relaxing anime!! ^_^

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