Posted by: Ji-L87 | December 15, 2007

Sky Girls – Character mini album 2


I remembered that both the soundtrack and the 2nd character cd would be available now in December, so I checked the series homepage and the saw that the 2nd character single is out.
Anyway, so I went to Tokyo Tosho and grabbed it.

As the first album, it contains 8 tracks, of which two are off-vocal versions.
This time, it’s Ichijo Eika (Shizuka Itou) and Sonomiya Karen’s (Saori Goto) time to sing.

I’d say it’s pretty good even though I think that Otoha & Elise’s had better songs overall.
My problem with this one is that I feel that Eika stands for the most of the good songs while Karen only have one I like. I think it’s because that 2 of her 3 songs are a little too slow for me…Eika only has one slower song.
Ah well, each to their own, I guess.

Comparing, again, with the 1st cd, both Otoha and Elise has two fast songs and one slower.
Still, not really a bad character single and I like #1: Kin Iro no Kaze (Golden wind) and #3: Niji wo Mi ni Ikou (Let’s go look at the rainbow) very much : )

Now, I need to get my hands on the soundtrack. I was actually considering buying it but I ordered other stuff instead :O



  1. I actually liked this disc better than the first one. I have never been a fan of Kawasumi Ayako’s singing (though I love her voice acting), nor am I a fan of Tsuji Ayumi at all.

    Goto Saori’s music, I think sounds better slow because of the higher-pitch and breathy nature of her voice. Most of her “faster” songs just don’t sound as good. Take the Sky Girls OVA ED song versus te Sky Girls TV ED1. True Blues sounds a lot more rigid than the slower Shooting Star. But the biggest selling point for me were the Itou Shizuka songs. I don’t think she’s the greatest singer, but her songs on this disc were quite nice.

  2. Listening to the 1st disc again after reading you comment, I can agree with you that Ayako maybe isn’t the best singer out there, but for some reason I didn’t catch that when listening to it earlier…meh, maybe I listen more to the music itself if the singer doesn’t disturb me too much ^^;

    I don’t think that Elise’s singing voice maybe was the best either but I really prefer it before Karen’s, I’ve never really liked her voice since it’s a little too high pitched for me ^^’
    And lastly, yes, I really like Shizuka’s performance on this one : )

  3. Nani?? Where is the Sky Girls Album 1 and 2? I don’t see it on tokyotosho?? Upload on sendspace? Please?

    Oh yeah do you know a song that plays when otoha is returning to her boat in the first episode or last episode? It’s not on the OVA.

  4. Mail me (about section) and I’ll give you a torrent with both of them 🙂

    I don’t know which song you mean but the OST is out over @ Nipponsei ( :

  5. Hi! Does anyone here knows how to get the ED for the Sky Girls OVA?


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