Posted by: Ji-L87 | December 14, 2007

Our goal is world domination, MY BROTHER!


Now that exams are over, I will try to catch up a little on shows and so on but on the other hand, I’m getting a pretty baad feeling, and that feeling says that I might not have passed so I still need to study in case I need to take a re-exam in January.
I’ve been told by friends that we’re getting the results on the 21st as the latest…but that’s about a week from now :X

Err…I also installed and fired up Comic Party (Dreamcast edition) again to see if I could understand a bit more, and…well…a little bit I guess but I still think this game in average is harder to understand than Yoakena or ToHeart 2
But I’ve managed to get somewhere at least, thanks to me finally understanding that I had to TYPE when working on the doujinshi…
Gawd, I wonder how I missed that D :

The DC version uses the same intro song as the anime (not Revolution), or maybe its the other way around? Anyway, I’ve always liked this one.

Ah well, I’ve just reached my first ComiPa with “my own” circle. As I support Taishi’s world domination plans, I tagged along with Brother 2 as the circle name.
It really can get quite amusing sometimes, for example this set of choices in the beginning:

Lousy translation:Now, choose! Will you become a man!? Or will you become a man!? Or will you become a man!? *Taishi trying to get you started drawing doujinshi*

Right now, I think I will try Mizuki’s route but Reiko is also a character I like very much (though I’ve yet to meet her in-game) as well as Yu, but I’m having a hard time with her kansai-ben : /
I like the fact that the characters mouth are animated when they speak, but on the other hand it’s not as pretty as newer games or as big. With “big”, I mean that this game runs in 640×480 when 800×600 has been the new standard for quite awhile.

Anyway, I’m not even sure if I’ll manage to complete one character run but I do like it that this feels more interactive and interesting than most visual novels I’ve played (which is not that many)….in the worst case, I’ll put this one on the shelf until I’ve got a better feel for the language… 😀


Now if you’ll excuse me, I have doujins to sell~! /o/



  1. I found the anime quite amusing, at first anyway. But then I somehow dropped it and I wonder when I´ll finish it…

    But I have to ask, isn´t it kinda hard to read japanese on a TV screen? I remember when I played Mai-Hime the text was worthless and if I would have to read every single kanji there my eyes would hurt like hell.

    It´s better on a PC :p

  2. Which anime did you watch? The old one or Comic Party Revolution?
    If it’s the first one, then I agree that it was amusing first but then became kinda….slow. Revolution was much more enjoyable in my eyes 😀

    And actually, this is the Dreamcast version ON the pc : )
    I guess it featured enough changes for them to re-release it. That, and it’s work-safe, which the original pc version is not.

    But yes, yet it is. I tried out Triggerheart Exelica on my little grey box with the spinning logo and ack D :
    Hard to read. I wondered if the problem would go away if I switched to a newer tv but it maybe has something to do with resolution instead (DC uses 640×480, right?) so it might not.

  3. I watched Comic Revolution first ep first, found out it was the “second season”, thus I didn´t watch anymore. Then I wanted something to watch so I downloaded both of them.

    So for this time it´s the first “season” Comic Party.

    Ah, All ages version then.

    From my experience since the screen are usually 640×480 or so and they get resized upwards they lose quality, which makes it hard to read and it hurt your eyes basically. Since the TV is much bigger than our computer screens. But I do not know if this is correct.

  4. i love this series, comic party is by far my fave!!!! mizuki is my fave character but the fat kid at doujinshi is hilarious tho

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