Posted by: Ji-L87 | December 7, 2007

Agriculture, exams, kendo…

…with their power combined, they become my current situation!
Yup yup, exams early next week. Lovely. And I’m not going to be able to study everything I need. Even more lovely.
Meh, problem is we really don’t have much time between our last lesson and the exams.
Last semester, we got more time and had less things to study…
Really now, I’ve never understood the logic behind making people do more things during less time D:
Luckily, everything is not at stake during this exam only, since there is a re-exam somewhere after christmas but…it really would be best to manage the first time, mmyes?

Aside from that, I picked up Moyashimon and catched up with Bamboo Blade!

Moyashimon was a great surprise. I knew nothing about it and the series premise is about as close to my interests as the Ouendan is girly, but a certain post over at Moyism caught my interest.
It turned out to be awesome, though I’ve not yet reached the so-called-legendary episode 8 since I decided not to try this one in RAW, as I want to understand everything 🙂
Aside from being all-around smile and laugh inducing, the drawing style fits me perfectly =w=b


Moyashimon, where girls are awesome and professors downright creepy


Another show that hasn’t received as much love from me as it deserves is Bamboo Blade. Along with Sketchbook~full colors~, I didn’t even mention it when I wrote about the rest of the fall series that I had watched.
I was actually thinking of dropping it (I don’t remember nor understand why though OTL), but I had the raw for episode 3 lying around and decided to watch it and I enjoyed it enough to make me go fetch more episodes.

While Kendo belongs to that group of sports I just can’t understand thanks to that I feel that they lock themselves in traditions and the like, Bamboo Blade surely makes it more interesting than it ever did before…or rather…the characters make it more interesting, Kendo is still weird. orz

vlcsnap-74024.jpg vlcsnap-72826.jpg vlcsnap-72560.jpg


VLC was acting up in the later episodes, so enjoy this fanart taken from some danbooru site instead of screencaps



  1. Wrote one test which had to be complemented yesterday, also took 2 tests for my dog behaviour classes and discussed articles about leashes and parental behaviour.

    Have one book report to write and one case study to write.

    All before christmas :p

    Still I find time to watch anime, which is kinda nice way to relax. Will start watching moyashimon soon, just have to find the motivation, which moyism created for me sure, but I have lots of catching up to do…

  2. Wow…….you’re busier than I am D:
    Can’t say that I’m very jealous ^^’ Still, glad to see you still find time for important activities like watching anime 🙂

  3. Well, it´s kinda nice having distance classes since it lets you take tests and such mostly at your own pace 🙂

    Had some stuff piled up for dog behaviour(two tests as mentioned) so I took them and finished them pretty fast. I´m happy to see that my own knowledge of dogs are sufficient for finishing the tests fast 🙂

    And I forgot to mention soccer practice one time a week indoor. In january I think it´ll be three times a week 🙂

    It´s great to be busy, gives you less time to think.

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