Posted by: Ji-L87 | November 30, 2007

Under arrest? Not yet : (


My hoping that YUA:FT would start to feel like the older series is only half-way fulfilled…
I’m not sure what it is, can’t put my finger on it. There is a certain YUA feel to it but it still lacks something. That said, YUA has had TV seasons that were below average before, and I’m fairly sure that this one, at least in some parts of the production quality, bests them.

The first couple of episodes were no real big hit with me, as I feared that the story would continue to circle around Randy, which it, thankfully, did not. I don’t remember much of episode 3, except that they finally took out Miyuki’s Honda Today again.
Episode 4, however, hit me right on the spot. I loved it. It was a silly, filleriffic excuse for an episode but it felt good and nostalgic.

Then, after that, came episode 5 with it’s sort-of social commentary thing about not leaving babies in cars etc etc
Episode 6 was better, Aoi always brightens the mood 😀 And I must say that I enjoyed 7 as well. Now, episode 8 was…okay…
But even if I said that I “liked” a majority of the episodes that has been aired so far, I had hoped for a little more.

Aside from the episodes kinda bland feel, I’ve still not gotten used to the new drawing style. It just doesn’t fit very well with the show and it’s characters. Fun thing is, when the camera is zoomed out/using full body shots, the style resembles the one being used in the movie (it may also resemble the 2nd season but I don’t remember much of it, nor took any screenshots of it and I’m too lazy dig it up on my external drives right now :p)

vlcsnap-647928.jpg vlcsnap-1082034.jpg
Left: YUA:FT, Right: YUA Movie

However, when zoomed in or more detail is added, they look older and worn out with all the wrinkles and stuff they put around the eyes:

Disguised Miyuki from ep7, not really a good example since she still looks kinda cute here /o/

Now, that’s enough rant and whining for today 🙂


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