Posted by: Ji-L87 | November 27, 2007

More Fortune Arterial + TECH GIAN


(a little nsfw)😉
There has been some activity recently on Fortune Arterial’s homepage, with updates to the world introduction and image/event CG pages. There’s also been a first addition to the downloads page but that’s just the trailer that was among the Fortune Arterial goods in the Comic Market event back in summer.
However, now there’s news on a “fuju komi set” (fuju komi is short for “fuju komiketto maaketto”, which is what the Comic Market event held in winter is called) that involves:
* Phone card.
* Illustrated calendar for 2008.
* Cellphone straps.
* “Fortune Arterial Jukebox”, which seems to contain the opening and image-songs as well as some of the background tracks and “system voice”-records.
* Fortune Arterial Clear file, I’m not sure what they mean here but they don’t mean a completed save game. I think it’s some kind of folder.
* The autumn edition of August soft’s official phamplet.
* A special large august soft paper bag to carry stuff in.

Also, the magazine TECH GIAN has a Fortune Arterial special containing:
* Character information
* World/setting information
* Rough sketches
* Developer interview
* A B2 poster (what’s a B2 poster anyway?)
* 300 telephone cards are given away.
* A DVD-rom containing a “TG Prelude version”, high resolution movie, imagesong & BGM songs, Wallpaper calendar and an original Puzzle game.

I’ve actually ordered this one yesterday but my estimated shipping date is a bit far away 😦

One thing about the game that hasn’t been clearly shown on the homepage nor on the Fortune Arterial issue’s information page is that the game does contain H-content. I found this strolling through the TECH GAIN front page:

I’m a little disappointed since I wanted to see a good visual novel not containing H, just a couple of nice stories and characters but I can’t say that I was very surprised 😛

Well, that kinda sums up what I wanted to say 😀

EDIT 17th dec 07:
Pictures from H-scenes have started to pop up on the homepage now : /


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