Posted by: Ji-L87 | November 18, 2007

The legendary Banchou


Hilarity ensues in Minami-ke 7, where a banchou is oh so fine too! ❤

But first things first: Mako-chan is back and is having dinner with the Minami’s, during which, after Mako-chan has been attacked by the fearsome and cunning Kana, is rolling on the floor and rubbing his/her cheeks.
AND THEN, some people saw what they never wanted to see. *wiggles fingers*


Best part of the episode was the later half however. Apparently, Kana is attending the same school as Haruka once did and it seems she was quite a legendary person. By the title of Banchou (gang leader of delinquents) she roamed the school and whipped out divine punishment. Or not.

vlcsnap-364411.jpg vlcsnap-364465.png

Apparently, only a bit of the rumors were true and the rest is fiction and fantasy but what a fantasy. I approve, oh yes. =w=b

vlcsnap-364439.png vlcsnap-364494.jpg

While being in the library, Kana bumps into the guy in her class that she calls “banchou” and they are overheard by some older students. It is here, Kana learns the true story of her legendary sister.

vlcsnap-365451.jpg vlcsnap-365606.jpg
Flashback-Haruka is cute /o/

Another good episode. This show has really been delivering as of late! And finally:

I demand a Gendo Ikari shop of this!



  1. Anon delivers

  2. @ Phobos:
    I knew this would come back to haunt me and I ENJOY and APPROVE of this. Many thanks /o/

  3. Love this episode! Anyway, I was actually wondering if Banchou are still prominent figures in modern Japan. I only ask because I heard from somewhere that they kinda disappeared around the early 80s

    • I don’t know either really : /
      Sure wish I did tho’

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