Posted by: Ji-L87 | November 17, 2007

Najica Blitz Tacticts


(NSFW) Don’t I have better things to do with my time, like watching the latest Gundam 00 raw for example, than to dig up older series like Najica Blitz Tactics (Najica Dengeki Sakusen)…?

Well, apparently not, and here’s my thoughts of this 12 episode series.

For anyone that has seen either Agent AIKa or the newer R-16, this show will feel very familiar to you. Yes, according to the wiki-page, it’s both directed by the same man (Katsuhiko Nishijima) and animated by the same studio (Studio Fantasia) as the AIKa shows. This becomes apparent very fast…


As usual, there’s just a silly amount of panty shots trough out the episodes, and the intro for that matter.
I wonder if there is a single full-body-view scene that doesn’t involve a glimpse of pantsu…¬¬’


A classic AIKa moment

Speaking of visuals, the drawing style is also similar to that of the older Agent AIKa, which is good in my eyes. Animation-wise, it’s a little rough here and there but watchable. Some scenes would’ve benefited greatly by improved animation though. The pacing is also a little quirky, it jumps pretty much from once scene to another. One second our heroes are sitting in an older Alfa Romeo sports car, stuck in a traffic jam. The next second, they’re zooming through a bumpy desert landscape while riding a Hum-vee-type military vehicle…OTL

Which brings me something that I like both in this one and Agent AIKa: The “hardware”. Even though there are some fictional vehicles and weapons in there, there is also a bunch of real hardware. For example, there’s Najica’s Alfa Romeo Julietta Spider, the Mi-35M HIND helicopter and her russian made Stechkin APS handgun.

vlcsnap-1952016.png vlcsnap-1932481.jpg

Story wise, the chosen theme resembles that of both Agent AIKa and AIKa R-16. It is mainly about these artificially created human-lookalikes called Humaritts. Stronger than your average human and very obedient.
Not very original, nor very amusing. The story is one of the shows weaker points in my eyes.
Well, thinking about it, story never was that good for the AIKa series either.

Sound and voice-acting is fine, no problems here. The soundtrack is worth a mention also; Nice and jazzy. I recommend it! ; )

Like AIKa, this show has a strange charm that I seem to be weak against and it manages to deliver a nice feeling sometimes. I love the fact that there’s real vehicles and weapons in there as well as some of the character design is pretty nice. The story is the weakest link and sadly drops the final impression quite a bit…
However, if you liked AIKa, I think you should check it out. At least the first episode, which is I remember as one of the better ones. It’s not because it contains armed meido and a little yuri-material, I promise! 😀

vlcsnap-1923034.jpg vlcsnap-1924508.jpg vlcsnap-1926190.jpg vlcsnap-1950626.jpg


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