Posted by: Ji-L87 | November 14, 2007

Macross and Akira


Believe or not, but I have not seen either of these two before. I’m attending an anime/manga-course, that just started, alongside the japanese-course in university and we’re supposed to watch 4 classic/important anime movies during this course.
Those 4 are:
Macross: Do you remember love?, Akira, Ghost in The Shell (1st movie) and Mononoke Hime.

Today we watched Macross and Akira. My impressions are as follows:


I liked it pretty much in the beginning but that changed rapidly after those…what’s their name again?…uh…male, giant alien-things took Minmay, Hikaru & co as prisoners. It all went downhill from there. The story felt ….blah. I enjoyed the battles with the mecha-planes (nice design!) but some scenes were mostly confusing.
I don’t remember much of the soundtrack (we had some problems with the sound in the beginning, volume did go from from low to high and back again) except that I liked the ending song pretty much. I really think that the story could’ve been done better. Preferably without those weird aliens. In my eyes, those kinda ruined it all, even if they became an important part of the story.


Visually stunning. …and that’s it. I know I’m probably will be called a heathen by some but I did not enjoy the story nor what I remember from the soundtrack. Sure, I must admit that soundtrack did it’s job, really set the mood and thus success in being a soundtrack. But I don’t think I will listen to it outside of the movie, and I think that’s a pretty important part of a soundtrack too.
And the story, too dark and psychological. I mean, later parts just felt like an acid trip to me. A really, REALLY well animated acid trip that had me drooling but still.
Big thumbs up for the bike-scene in the beginning though. Really nice and impressive. Some of the mechanical design was nice too.
…character design and visual style not my cup of tea though, but what can you expect from the man that loves his meido and has moe in the blog name? XD

Kind of hard to believe there’s only 4 years between the two, the difference between them is so huge! =w=’
(Macross – 1984 and Akira – 1988)



  1. You get to watch anime in collage classes? Man I wish we had that at the collage I´m attending :p

    Zentradi are the enhanced humans made solely for battle :p But I think I spelled it wrong.

    Mecha battles are what make Macross so damn good, that and the design. Storywise it sucks.

    Macross 7 atleast had good music.

    Akira, can´t say so much about since I only watched it once when I was a little kid who could barely understand english at that point, or rather, didn´t have the speedreading I have now so I missed out on most of the plot…

  2. You’re not alone on not caring for Akira; while it is a really stunning bit of animation, it’s just hard for me to care about any of the characters.

    It’s the same with Steamboy; I guess I just like Otomo’s funnier work – check out his Roujin Z or Order to Halt Construction sometime, if you get a chance.

  3. @manga:
    Yah, something along those lines. Funny though, how the male aliens were downright ugly while the female ones were not 😀

    Haha, glad I’m not alone! Though, never heard of those others actually, need to look those up 🙂

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