Posted by: Ji-L87 | November 12, 2007

Here comes a new challenger…

…for them traps!


Enter, Mako-chan! Though, Mizuho, Bridget and Jun does not need to fear much of this one, yet. She…err..he manages to look pretty cute though.


Story behind Makoto’s transformation into Mako-chan is that he develops a crush on Haruka, which of course isn’t taken lightly by Chiaki-sama, who doesn’t want to invite him home again.

vlcsnap-15525.jpg vlcsnap-15604.jpg

HOWEVER! Kana convinces Uchida (red/brown haired girl from Chiaki’s class) to bring Makoto with her next time. And thus, they bring life to Mako-chan!

vlcsnap-22608.jpg vlcsnap-17106.jpg

Uchida finding Makoto, in non-transformed state, in the ladies wear-store was hilarious, even more so by the arrival of Haruka after Makoto entered Mako-chan mode again.

vlcsnap-18812.jpg vlcsnap-19512.jpg

Really enjoyed the second half of this episode thanks to Mako-chan! Minami-ke has been great fun so far! 😀



  1. The things he’ll do just to see Haruka!! ^_^

  2. He has my full support though ;D

  3. I approved of Mako-chan, and of Kana’s cleverness in creating that persona. 😛

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