Posted by: Ji-L87 | November 11, 2007

Sky Girls – Character mini album 1


I stumbled over this on Tokyo Toshokan just a few minutes ago.
8 tracks, of which 2 are off-vocal version, sung by the seiyuus for Sakurano Otoha (Kawasumi Ayako) and Elise von Dietrich (Tsuji Ayumi).

I think it’s a pretty good CD and I like most of the tracks save from #3: Someday, Sometime and #5: LIEBE.

I can’t help but to feel that I’ve heard the melody in the first track, Dreamin’ Bird somewhere before, but I cannot recall from where. My favorites are Otoha’s #2: Sora iro no michi (Sky-blue/Azure Road) and Elise’s #4: Youthful Days.

Here‘s a link to it on the official Sky Girls HP, and I recommend checking it out.



  1. […] the first album, it contains 8 tracks, of which two are off-vocal version. This time, it’s Ichijo Eika […]

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