Posted by: Ji-L87 | November 11, 2007

Among afros, cats and backlogs


I’ve managed to get myself a quite a little backlog of things to watch, raging from “older” series like Mamoru-kun ni Megami no Shukufuku wo! and La Corda d’Oro~Primo Passo~ to newer things like Idolm@ster XENOGLOSSIA, Kimikiss and Bamboo Blade.

I decided to give Sketchbook~Full colors~ another go and catched up with it yesterday. Glad I did, since I really enjoyed episode 5, Neko neko no hi. I also saw that I managed to miss that Hayate no Gotoku 32 was out, so I’m late with that as well. Nabeshin is made of awesome! /o/ Afro afro afro afro afro afro afro afro~~!

Aside from that, my couldn’t fix my laptop with the help from the support and it’s now on it’s way for repairs and service. Apparently, something was amiss with the C:\ drive, couldn’t write to it properly or something. OTL

Sketchbook, where a cat is fine too



  1. I know what you mean… I started episodeblogging on Lucky Star, Hayate no Gotoku and such, then all of a sudden I had bloged 3 episodes and the show as at 20…

    Dropped episodebloging Lucky Star, wrote a short review of my thoughts on the show. Might take up Hayate no Gotoku again… Massive episode blog post: Hayate no Gotoku 04-32 :p

  2. Ow D: Episode-blogging really is troublesome sometimes. And…maybe you should wait until episode 52 and do a whooping summary bonanza made of epic?

  3. I´m thinking of that as well…
    and since I´m usually watching Hayate and the sheer amount of work is making me see dark spots I think I´ll go for the big finale. Even though it´s even more work, but then I can trash all the eps I didn´t like on one swoop 🙂

  4. Biggest problem will be to remember what happens, I think. Long shows like that tend to become a blur in my head when I’m finished ^^’

  5. When i started my blog
    I also wanted to do Episode-blogging
    But is kinda troublesome when i thing about it
    So i didn`t do it
    Admire your spirit
    Don`t you think is kinda suck that you know there`s people viewing your blog but no one ever comment?

  6. Ah, yes ^^’ Since it’s only through comments one can see that people really READ what you’ve written 😀
    Otherwise, you don’t know if they found it interesting or just was looking for something, didn’t find it and went somewhere else…¬.¬

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