Posted by: Ji-L87 | November 8, 2007

Battlefield-island Ninomiya-kun 6


Camera Mikihiko nii-san is watching me type bad, baaad titles D:

This episode of island warfare felt really pointless until the end. Where it felt stupid. But, it’s not like it didn’t have it’s moments. Allow me introduce to you, two in particular fine ones:

Walking death-trap Mayu



Meido-mode Shinobu


(at least that’s what I THINK I heard. ANN also lists a character named Shinobu so I’ll call her that until I’m proven painfully wrong.)

Shungo, Mayu and Reika are tied up in a room somewhere in the beach mansion. Surprisingly, Housaka comes to the rescue.
As they attempt to escape, they’re cornered by the military and Housaka ends up presumed dead.
Shungo takes both girls under his arms and utilizes his mad ninja skillz and jumps away to safety. He then leaves the girls alone and heads back only to get beaten by a masked lady.

Once back, in captured state, at the mansion, he is beaten up a bunch of military guys.
Mayu and Reika decides to head back for Shungo during which Reika decides to use Mayu’s natural clumsy-ness to get rid of both traps and enemies. Works good. Maybe a little too good.
Anyway, once back inside, Reika finds Shungo out cold and is soon out cold herself, once again thanks to the masked lady.

Shungo wakes up and challenges the masked lady into a fierce battle. After managing to land a hit on the mask, it cracks and reveals Ryouko nee-san. Out from some bushes behind them comes Mikihiko armed with a camera. Everything was set up and Housaka and the silver haired, military leader girl was in this together to see if Shungo was worthy of Reika’s presence.

I really should have seen that one coming.
On a side note, animation quality went both up and down this time. Some parts were really stiff and unimpressive while Shungo VS masked nee-san was pretty decent overall.

Now, some screencaps:

vlcsnap-103531.jpg vlcsnap-104436.jpg vlcsnap-104496.jpg vlcsnap-104572.jpg vlcsnap-104638.jpg vlcsnap-106297.jpg vlcsnap-106648.jpg vlcsnap-106940.jpg vlcsnap-109836.jpg


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