Posted by: Ji-L87 | November 5, 2007

Shugo Chara! 5


Let me just start with pointing out that Nadeshiko in seifuku-mode is pure win.


Now to the matter at hand, instead of describing exactly what happened in the episode (like last time) I thought I’d bring up some highlights instead.

I thought the soccer match in which Amu and Souma (sp?) participated probably was the best part of the episode in my eyes. I’m no fan of soccer but for some reason I enjoyed it very much. Especially the end.
But on the other hand, I also enjoyed the Shaolin Soccer movie very much also <.<‘

vlcsnap-7112.jpg vlcsnap-6899.jpg vlcsnap-7013.jpg vlcsnap-7749.jpg vlcsnap-7944.jpg vlcsnap-7800.jpg

Sadly, the animation quality dropped a few notches during some parts here

People have been saying that this episode was a filler, and since I have not (yet) read the manga, I can’t do anything else but to trust those who claim that it is. Maybe thanks to that, the pace is a bit higher this time.
Sadly, no neko-mimi cosplay hentai otoko to stir things up with Amu but we got another batsu chara to defeat instead.
A soccer playing one. Which really makes no difference since it’s just as annoying as the english one.


I’ve noticed that I don’t enjoy the mahou shoujo “battles” very much and thinking about it…there isn’t really much to enjoy. As things have been now, the transformation sequence is almost as long as the battle itself, which only mostly consists of Amu dodging some attacks of various kinds and then proceeds to tell the batsu chara (and the person it belongs to) that they not are worthless and surely can do something etc which makes the batsu chara go “ZOMGH WHAT U MEAN?!” and pauses during which Amu can initiate her unlock my heart-I SHOOT HEARTS-attack and then it’s over.

I’ve not seen too many mahou shoujo-shows but I remember the fights from an old favorite of mine, Card captor Sakura, to be more interesting and a bigger part of the episode.

But as I enjoy the other parts of this series, I’ll let this slide and hope things changes for the better in future episodes.

Also, seems we’ve got ballet next time and if that’s not out of character for Amu I don’t know what is~! =w=

(Also, 80% of the space for images and so used up now. I’ll try to free some more space by replacing PNGs in older posts with jpeg but that’s kinda hassle 😡 Then we’ll see if I start to experiment with off-site image hosting – like Photbucket or so – or if I try and see if I can a get a place somewhere else, I’m not quite sure yet = / )



  1. hey i love reading your review.
    by the way, i came accross this site.
    i love the song~ all shugo songs!

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