Posted by: Ji-L87 | November 1, 2007

Fighto, Houjou-senpai!


Reika’s trying her best during this visit to a southern paradise island…

…but eventually gave up her love for Shungo to pursuit a career in her newfound interest in BL doujinshi~!

vlcsnap-53204.jpg vlcsnap-53316.jpg

*cough* Not really, and that was a very confusing way to start off the beach-episode with… OTL

We’re right after that treated with:
GOOD and BAAAD >.<

vlcsnap-53680.jpg vlcsnap-53844.jpg

I was so expecting Mayu’s brother to turn around at any second.

Anyway, so, Mayu starts off by stealing away Shungo for a private boat-ride followed by the request to put sun lotion on her back.
Of course, the top piece of Mayu’s swimsuit had to be removed for the job to be done since it restricted his movements.


However, assisted by her trusty assistant Housaka, Reika enters the battlefield as well!
She manages to get Shungo’s attention but the sun lotion treatment seems to be too much for her and contestant Mayu’s still in the lead.


Several brave attempts is made by contestant Reika but they won’t really work out as she has hoped for, and she has no choice but to retreat for the moment.
Reika and Housaka sets up a final plan that is Reika asking Shungo out to watch the stars later that night.

Unfortunately, things won’t work out here either since Shungo already is in contestant Mayu’s grasp. A defeated Reika looms away. ;_;

Back at the house at the beach, a luxury dinner has been prepared but the elder ones has left back home early, leaving only a message and a long-range radio behind.

When Reika’s absence becomes too much for Shungo and he wants to go search for her, he is confronted by evil-mode-Housaka who asks if he has not realized his mistress’s feelings for him. Shungo chooses not to answer and escapes.

vlcsnap-56175.jpg vlcsnap-54112.jpg

-During this time, a mysterious military group has been following them. Apparently they’re looking for one of the Ninomiya’s.-

Shungo manages find contestant Reika who is in a slightly hurt condition as she fell earlier and offers her a piggy-back ride home.
But just as she is on the way of mounting up, evil Reika awakens. With blood red eyes and a strength that surpasses Shungo, she easily forces him onto her. Ladies and gentlemen, what a turn of events!


She suddenly stops though and Shungo, that is under the impression that Reika also might be a succubus, is just about to kiss her, in order to supply life energy of course, when they’re surrounded by the mysterious military group. Contestant Mayu could not escape either and all contestants are now in the armed group’s hands.

vlcsnap-57125.png vlcsnap-57211.jpg

All that aside, I think that Ninomiya nee-san and Mayu’s brother should hook up already. Or…maybe they already have? Who knows? And I’m fairly sure that the female military commander cannot be anyone else than the white haired lady with red eyes that’s in the ED.

-few more screens-
vlcsnap-55219.jpg vlcsnap-55775.jpg vlcsnap-55605.jpg

Hang in there, Houjou-senpai! D:

EDIT: Found this in the search-stats: “shungo ends up with reika” approval GET! Ah, now if it only were true~! /o/



  1. I’ve been watching Ninomiya only because of Houjo-senpai, so she better ends up with someone.

  2. @Deathy: Indeed, but I got this chilly…baaad feeling that she might just get the short stick in the end : <
    Let’s hope I’m wrong. orz

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