Posted by: Ji-L87 | October 30, 2007

Thoughts about Da Capo II so far


We’re 5 eps into Da Capo II now and I’m not really satisfied D:

Best things first:

While I’ve not cared very much for Yume so far, she managed to trigger my moe for glasses this time. She really fits with them =w=b

Hm…for some reason, this episode just felt slow and….slow? I can’t put my finger on what made it feel that way, it just did.
According to ANN (Anime News Network), Da Capo II is supposed to run for 13 episodes. Meaning; There’s only a little bit more than half left.
Problem; I feel that very little has happened since the beginning. Well, tsun-tsun robot aside.

So far, Koko gets most screen time. Nanaka’s time on stage has increased but on the other hand, Otome, Yume and Sakura’s has not. Sadly enough, Sakura does not seem to have been a haremette in the first place OTL

Strangely, while those characters have had very little screen time recently, we’ve gotten small bits of Minatsu going around town and doing…stuff. Researching? I don’t know \o,O/

Show’s still about Yoshiyuki and Koko. Now, Koko really is a nice, sweet girl but I don’t think she’s very interesting. You have my permission to hit me with as many bricks as you like now.

While I do feel sorry for her and I don’t like teh drama very much, I hope that the show starts going in another direction pretty soon. Preferably Nanaka (or Sakura lolz!! *brick’d*). I have not seen enough of the the other haremettes to get a proper feeling for them yet : <

…Well…really thinking about it, a Koko end might very well be fine too. As long as the show picks up the pace and let’s the other characters have their time to shine as well.



  1. I´d rather have Nanaka than Koko…
    And I do hope that they will end the relationship with Koko since she´s boring, sure big breasts but hey, boring is boring.

    Not much more to say really since I haven´t watched any more than to episode 3…

  2. Well, I think episodes 1 – 3 was the most interesting ones so far anyway : D

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