Posted by: Ji-L87 | October 29, 2007

Shugo Chara! 4


Before we go into this weeks episode (or rather, last weeks, I’m just late @ watching the raw), I think it seems that the interest in Shugo Chara! seems to have taken a rise since it started to air. The fact that Del-Rey is releasing the manga might help spawn interest, but I don’t know.
Anyways, looking through the blog-stats, Shugo Chara! posts have gotten most of the traffic and this is the lastest search terms that has been used:
shugo chara” desktop 2
“Shugo Chara” ost 1
Shugo Chara !5

Then I see this: “shugo chara hentai
While not surprising in any way, it just amuses me. I wonder how long time it’ll take until we see doujinshi releases. Gurren Lagann got them rather quickly…

Now, this is what I enjoyed most this episode:

vlcsnap-62246.jpg vlcsnap-62823.jpg
Cat boy visits Amu’s house with a bag of snacks since he apparently felt a bit responsible for the destruction of her tart

*cough* MOVING ON,

To sum this episode up, Amu got made into a guardian against her will and her rank/class is Joker. According to the rest of the members, the “Joker”has a special mission that is to defeat “batsu” eggs. Which makes me wonder how the guardians did manage in the past, since this apparently has happened before. I mean…none of the other guardians has raised a finger to help defeat a batsu egg, relying only on Amu’s powers. Well…maybe they can’t do much anyway, I’ve got honestly no idea but maybe I shouldn’t think too much about it… OTL

Apparently, a girl in the class, Hatoba Yuki, is going to transfer schools to one in America but her low confidence in her english skills, and that she doesn’t want things to change makes her egg a fine target for the “messy orange haired bishie” that apparently can make already darkened eggs into batsu eggs.
Doing so makes Yuki accuse her friends of lying about still being her friend even when she’s moved away and then runs out of the classroom.


Amu runs after but gets delayed since she runs straight into “messy oranged haired clumsy teacher” and then loses sight of her.
The other guardians are also in the chase and manages to catch up with Yuki but then her batsu egg evolves into a batsu chara!, which is incredible annoying and creepy at the same time.
While shouting lines such as “Doo youuuu like eeeengliiiiish?” and shooting random letters of the alphabet, it escapes.


And of course right to where Amu is. Important thing here is that Amu just has had a little “I don’t want to change” scene herself but manages to fall into a planetarium before going too far with the emo-ing.
Anyway, what happens next is just basically that Amu overcomes her own fear of changing herself and manages to transform and quickly defeats the batsu chara.

…Hm…it’s kinda interesting I think, that the battles themselves this far has not lasted very long at all. I don’t really mind though, as I think I prefer the other sides this show has to offer more.

On a side note, I cannot be the only one who sees some similarities:

vlcsnap-63218.jpg vlcsnap-81705.jpg

And finally, I just want to say that Amu’s family creeps me out. That is all.

(Hmm…don’t think I will keep doing summaries like this for each episode : > And these are also only useful if one did not watch the episode. So, we’ll see how future posts take shape.)

EDIT: Oh and the OP/ED single is out over at Nipponsei now!



  1. when do u thank they are going tomake episode 19 with subs b/c i dont know what they are saying in raw and i love ur page

  2. Shugo Chara! is on the back burner for me right now but a quick look over at AnimeSuki reveals that Formula Sub has released episode 19 🙂

  3. konichiwa i like the animes for this i like shugo chara

  4. love your pics send me some i love them

  5. Hej ;* Fajne to coś cokolwiek to jest xD Ha masz ode mnie polskiego komentarza xDD Możesz skakać z radości

  6. I’d like to agree with you but I have no idea of what you just said D:

  7. soo cool


  9. nice one i can’t wait to see it

  10. nice a comics…amu is cool and beautiful girl’s.Oh Yeah i will colection a shugo chara’s comic!!! Who now…???

  11. who like Shugo chara???i want Shugo chara’ comic.To someone give to me now a colectoin this comic

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