Posted by: Ji-L87 | October 27, 2007

AIKa R-16 OVA 3


(nsfw content)
The 3rd and last episode is amusing but still pretty unsatisfying. Yes, I know this series isn’t really more than a big excuse for showing uncensored bewbs and a sea of panty-shots disguised into an action-adventure/comedy show and that asking for a good story in all this is close to madness but still…
…Or maybe I just don’t really remember much of the story since there was quite a while since I saw ep. 2…but still, I feel like I wanted more in this last episode.

However, I quite liked the other two episodes so I’ll let it slide this time and call it decent. Even though I felt that the enormous clone near the end was unnecessary.

vlcsnap-262117.jpg vlcsnap-263506.jpg

Anyway, what can I say really? I tried to take some good work-safe screencaps but since this is AIKa, a non fan-service shot is a rare occasion. I mean, the fight scenes are made to show as much panties and what not as possible. OTL
Actually, it becomes so much that it becomes downright silly and humorous 😀

vlcsnap-261181.jpg vlcsnap-265305.jpg vlcsnap-266887.jpg vlcsnap-267888.jpg
See what I mean?

Well, since I still think this is a pretty solid show that -if you can either laugh at or ignore the huge amount of fan service- has some good moments, like-able characters and a good soundtrack, I recommend checking it out. And if you like it, see if you can find the old Agent AIKa OVA as well! ; ]

vlcsnap-2639591.jpg vlcsnap-2644831.jpg vlcsnap-268187.jpg
Oh and delicious Karen-senpai is delicous~~! /o/

(Screencaps didn’t really want to upload and become thumbnails as they should. I don’t know why… I’ll try to re-upload and fix later orz
EDIT: Nope, thumbnail for vlcsnap-266887 still doesn’t want to show up : / )


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