Posted by: Ji-L87 | October 25, 2007

Goshyusho-sama Ninomiya-Kun 4


While the story is filler as it’s best, we’ve got something else to feast our eyes on: Meido. And not just one, but two!

Basically, Shungo is accused of not trying hard enough with helping Mayu with her “special training” and is dragged away by her brother and his sister to meet up with some “old friends”.

vlcsnap-41707.jpg vlcsnap-43510.jpg
Special training and meeting old friends

Reika’s trying her best to control her feelings but ends up being both fondled by Shungo’s sister AND throwing the Japanese economy out of balance. I lol’d!


Since Shungo is away, Mayu decides to try and help Reika and goes to fetch a meido-fuku. OHYES!


However…I’m pretty sure everyone can guess the result: Destruction and disaster…that eventually leads to Mayu finding a secret passage in the kitchen. That’s riddled with traps, which she activates very skillfully:

vlcsnap-43930.jpg vlcsnap-44030.jpg

Eventually the meido-duo stumbles upon a room full of junk and things from the Ninomiya family’s childhood.
And of course there’s the important secret passageway leading to the bath that is a must in every expensive mansion.

And there both of them are catched by Shungo’s nee-san and carried away to a waiting helicopter. Right!


Apparently, it’s island-time next episode! Something’s bound to happen. I hope. Preferably between Shungo and Reika. ❤
Which probably will be Shungo and Mayu instead. OTL
Now, have some more screen caps!

vlcsnap-47064.jpg vlcsnap-47163.jpg vlcsnap-44335.jpg


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