Posted by: Ji-L87 | October 19, 2007

Yoakena – Mai route clear!


Didn’t take as long as last time, on the other hand I played much more this time.
Hahaha…I seem to have become a sucker for visual novels… OTL

I was pretty curious how the relationship would work out but, pretty early in the game (in Mai’s story that is), it’s stated that they are not actually brother and sister. Exactly why it is so, I failed to pick up but it was mentioned something about an accident I think…or at least I want to remember something along those lines. Well, this is mentioned pretty early so I don’t really consider this as a spoiler…and a good trick for those with moral issues…though…those people would probably not start playing the Mai-route to start with >.>’

touching_moment.jpg aww.jpg lifes_hard_for_tatsuya.jpg

Anyway, I think it was an enjoyable story with both romance and drama. I got to hand it to the Samon’s though, awesome supportive family when it counts! ; D
I must say…Mai really is cute. Don’t look at me that way D :
Her ending song also fits her very well in my opinion.

I do however have one complaint 😛
The number of H-scenes were the largest number I’ve encountered yet and the omake was more or less another excuse for one more… – -‘ Well, other than that, I enjoyed it and I plan to hit Sayaka’s story next~! /o/
Oh and, site link (non work-safe).

…maybe I should make a new page for visual novels?


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