Posted by: Ji-L87 | October 15, 2007

Fall 07 – Second Impressions

Right, yet a week has passed and the 2nd episodes are out and as you may know, the 2nd episode is probably just as important as the 1st.
Yeah, my feelings exactly D: Writing this took longer that it should have

Da Capo II

A new haremette, the banana-powered Minatsu Amakase, appears…or is found rather.
…yes…banana-powered, now this was apparently no surprise for those who played/watched the old Da Capo game/anime since a similar character seems to have existed…

Anyways, maybe a little too tsun-tsun for my taste but she really does look cute with her cap on. VLC didn’t really want to work with me though so I didn’t manage to grab any really good screens… OTL

vlcsnap-723883.png vlcsnap-15368.jpg vlcsnap-16543.jpg

Yep, banana-powered. 😉
vlcsnap-16344.jpg vlcsnap-16378.jpg
Choco-banana, not at all what I thought lololol!!1

Goshyusho-sama Ninomiya-Kun

Meido-get! Also…animation quality down-get…which is not as positive as the first get.
It’s still watchable though and since I like these kind of shows I will of course continue to follow it : )

Especially now that Houjou Reika has been properly introduced! ;]
Mayu even manages to enrage her, lulz.

vlcsnap-18371.jpg vlcsnap-18616.jpg

Shungo bravely tries to resist…!

Did I mention I love the art in the eyecatches?

Clannad (TV)

Good episode that starts out with over-powered Tomoyo, once again, owning Tomoya’s blond-haired friend. Good times, good times. We also get our fair share of Kyou (<3) and two new girls are introduced; Fuuko and Kotomi.
I thought Kotomi was kinda uninteresting but Fuuko was made of cute and moe.

vlcsnap-134090.jpg vlcsnap-134866.jpg vlcsnap-133919.jpg vlcsnap-136457.jpg
Anyway, Kyou is right now my favorite Clannad haremette, just becuase she’s so…!
(Wait…does this mean I have a thing for violent girls? D:)
vlcsnap-133627.jpg vlcsnap-135529.jpg vlcsnap-140282.png
I also demand moar of the dorm lady ❤

You’re Under Arrest! (逮捕しちゃうぞ!): Full Throttle

Cheesy episode was cheesy however, being cheesy is kinda what YUA is all about, so it fits just fine : )
I was impressed (or surprised, rather) that Nakajima sounded exactly as I remember him, which I thought was fun since yeah, there was a while since the last YUA-series was aired. Well, same goes for Miyuki and Natsumi and some of other too!
It made me happy anyway! 😀

Only complaint I have is that this whole Randy-storyline doesn’t really work for me as I want more of the random car-chases and stuff that was in the OVA. Which brings up a very important point:
Two episodes of YUA without the today is like blasphemy. No, the intro doesn’t count! =P

vlcsnap-23883.jpg vlcsnap-23315.jpg vlcsnap-23418.jpg

Gundam 00

I liked episode 2 very, very much. Best part? The battle between the ground based grunt mecha.
It just felt so much more realistic than a swarm of Zaku’s flying around and zapping things with their laz0rz /o/
The difference between them and the Gundams is huge, it’s like running around in god-mode or something, lul!

I think that both Exia and Dynames are really nice. Especially Dynames since it’s helmet-boomering-thing is pure secks @_@
We also got to see the transformed Kyrios, however, it was moving pretty much the whole time (and had blur effects added when not) so it was hard to get a good look at it but it seems pretty cool also.
Character wise, I think that Dynames’s pilot, Lockon Stratos seems pretty cool and the same goes for the captain of their ship and, of course, the pink-haired navigator girl.

The union flag was also pretty nice but I wonder how it will fare against Exia.

vlcsnap-24787.jpg vlcsnap-39588.jpg vlcsnap-40503.jpg vlcsnap-42072.jpg vlcsnap-44105.jpg vlcsnap-42601.jpg vlcsnap-25983.jpg
I demand moar of her \o/

Kimikiss~pure rogue~

Like people have been saying, this doesn’t feel like a normal harem series…if one even can call it that anymore.
Since right from the start, different people in the cast seems to pretty much have someone they either like or is interested in. And right now, I see no sign of main lead getting flooded with girls either.

It’s more like we’ll see if if the pairings will work out or not.


vlcsnap-48308.jpg vlcsnap-49187.jpg

Shugo Chara!

Delivers. Again. XD
I believe I enjoy this much more than I should…OTL

Anyway, Amu is moe and hearts defeat evil after cheesy mahou shoujo transformation sequences. I’m sold.

vlcsnap-55025.jpg vlcsnap-55940.jpg vlcsnap-58844.jpg vlcsnap-59275.jpg vlcsnap-67261.jpg


I enjoyed it.
Haruka stood for a bigger part of the humor this time around…well, she and her classmates. The redhead amused me greatly! Also, lol @ “Mako-chan” standing in the classroom with buckets of water until the school was about to close down for the night.

*sings* M-i-n-a-m-i–k-e

vlcsnap-51319.jpg vlcsnap-51750.jpg vlcsnap-52068.jpg vlcsnap-52311.jpg

Now, I’m off to study and see if I maybe can fix my laptop that weirded out on me yesterday : < *sniff*



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