Posted by: Ji-L87 | October 8, 2007

The rest


I think I’ve seen the last shows that directly interested me, so I thought I’d do a quick run-down through the last of them.

Kimikiss~Pure Rouge~

I’ve not actually managed to make up my mind for how I feel about this show, I need moar episodes before I can say anything worthwhile : o
However, the style was kinda nice and the end of the episode was pretty unexpected.


Shugo Chara!

Big surprise for me. I downloaded it kinda randomly but I actually ended up liking it.
It’s actually a show aimed to the younger audience with mahou-shoujo (magical girl) elements, around a girl that cannot help but to act “cool and spicy”, even when she just wants to be as girly as everyone else. She then receives three different colored eggs that contains a fairy that helps her express her true feelings. Now, childish as it may sound, I found myself actually enjoying it and I hope I will continue to do so because this is going on my watch list. = ]
…Allright…I don’t like the king-person very much : x
Oh but I DO like the OP & ED songs~!



Slice-of-life comedy based around three sisters; Haruka (oldest), Kana and Chiaki (youngest).
I found the first episode to be pretty fun, with Kana and Chiaki creating most of the humour. I also like the OP pretty much and found the animation quality to be decent and above throughout the episode : )


Now, back to studying…or maybe even more importantly, FOOD! : x



  1. well, I like the king-person,, ehe,, i think he’s cute (shugo chara!)

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