Posted by: Ji-L87 | October 6, 2007

Fall’s anime – My picks from the first four days


A new season of anime series is here and I thought that instead of write about all that I’ve seen so far, I’d write about those that I’ve seen so far and LIKED : )

Da Capo II

I never saw the 1st one nor knows much about it. ^^’
But I thought that this time, I’d be on the bandwagon!

However, since I don’t know much about D.C. II either I can’t say much how true it is to the game or so but I must say that I liked it and I look forward to follow this, at least for a while and see where it takes me.

Everyone seems to love Nanaka but since we did not get to see (or hear) very much from her this first episode, my eyes fell on Sakura, the “gakuenchou”


Goshyusho-sama Ninomiya-Kun

The story is something is something about a guy being forced, by his awesome sister, to live with a succubus girl.
Oh yes! Later it seems that a very tsun-tsun, blue haired girl will join them. AS A MAID! “WIN”, I shout!


What first striked me when I watched this was that I liked the drawing style and the OP, Yubikiri (you know, when people lock finger to make a promies) .
The male lead seems pretty cool too, well…at least he can do nifty moves…>.>
I’m looking forward to the next episode because we’ll get our tsun-tsun meido! ❤

I think it’s based on…maybe a novel or something? I don’t know actually but I love the eyecatches =w=


Clannad (TV)

Another show I don’t know much about. Except that it’s based of a visual novel by Key and animated by Kyoto Animation.


While a very beautiful episode, I can’t help but to feel that some things feels very familiar. I think Key really likes persons with tragic pasts or something, I dunno.
I wish I knew more of the characters because…frankly, I’m horrible at remembering names if I only hear them. Seems I need to see them written a few times before they get properly stuck. Anyway, main highlight of the episode was probably the awesomeness that is Tomoyo when some punks on scooters invaded the school! XD


You’re Under Arrest! (逮捕しちゃうぞ!): Full Throttle

Ah, this brings back memories. Well….not very old memories though. I watched the show one year ago or something.
I really loved that first 4 episode OVA från ’94. ❤


Anyways, YUA:FT as I will call it from now on, is not as impressive as some of the other shows however, it does indeed feel good to have Miyuki and Natsumi back.
…oh…and I can’t be the only one that thinks both Nakajima and the chief looks…weird in the new style : /


Natsumi ❤


So, that’s the series that I’m going to follow of what I’ve seen so far.
There’s still more shows left however, Gundam 00 & Kimikiss for example.

Now, can’t wait for more episodes….



  1. what is the name of the anime that has a succubus girl in it i think i have seen it before but i forgot the name and if u think i am young because i have akiddy email your wrong i just dont know how to change the name of it but please tell me i have been trying to watch it again but i havent been able to get any leads on the name i only know that there is a succubus in it thats the only thing i remember so please tell me the name of the anime

  2. …if you mean Goshyusho-sama Ninomiya-Kun, then the name was in this entry D=

    But I dunno, migh be more of succubus-themed anime out there…

    …and what’s your age got to do with anything? o.O

  3. “Rosario vampire” too has a succubus girl …
    that particular anime is about a whole school of “monsters”… and a young man who is human finds himself a transfer student there

    • Old post is ooold 😀
      Anyway, I’ve not seen the Rosario + Vampire anime but I have (quite recently actually) read the manga scanlations as far as I could find.

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